Messianic Life Institute

Messianic Life Institute provides an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge of Messianic Jewish theology, practices and beliefs.   In 1984, while they were leaders of Beth Messiah Congregation, Dr. Daniel C. Juster, Asher Intrater, and Dr. Michael Rudolph co-founded the ‘Messiah Yeshiva’.  The Yeshiva was formed to provide leadership training for the congregation. Later, it was expanded into degree programs and course offerings and was placed under the oversight of The Messianic Council of Greater Washington and a Tikkun Apostolic Team consisting of Dr. Daniel C. Juster, M. Rabbi Asher Intrater and M. Rabbi Eitan Shishkoff, with Dr. Michael Brown as the Director. At that time, the name was changed to “Messiah Biblical Institute & Graduate School of Theology” (MBI).  Later, MBI was transferred to the oversight of the elders of Ahavat Yeshua (DC) and placed under Messianic Life Institute (MLI).

The materials of former classes, consisting of video and audio, were digitized and placed on MLI‘s website for access.  MLI functioned as a “Tuition & Fees”-based undergraduate and graduate school of bible studies, but now offers FREE access to its digitized courses. All that is required to access the training courses is to register and establish a New Account.


1)     CLICK HERE to go to the Messianic Life Institute's "Free Courses"

2)     Scroll down to Student Login and select Create A New Account.

3)     Once your account is established, then navigate the website to see the available free courses.  Courses have been grouped under the following headers:  Scripture, Theology, Jewish Studies, History, Holy Spirit, Ministry and Other Classes.

 May you find this opportunity to be beneficial in increasing you biblical understanding.