Tikkun International
Tikkun International is a network of emissaries in Israel and around the world, working toward the restoration of Israel and the unity of Jew and Gentile in the Body of Messiah 
 Providing the professional services you need at affordable prices. Locally owned and operated since 1993.

A congregation of Jews and Gentiles who believe Yeshua is the Messiah
Ahavat Yeshua
Messianic Congregation of 
Washington, DC
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC)
Rabbi Michael Rudolph 
Check out the website of "The Rabbi's House" where the rabbi is always "in" for information on Bibilical Research tools, Library, Messianic Judaism, etc.
Messianic Heart Ministries
Check out the website of  Messianic Heart, which is a music ministry of a family within our congregation ran by husband and wife, Lamuel "Keith" and Zamariah "Evelyn" Jackson.  (Link under construction)
Messianic Life Institute
Messianic Life Institute is a graduate school devoted to biblical studies, ministry, and leadership training within the Messianic Jewish and Christian communities.  
Biblical Counseling Institute
Need counseling based on His Word?  
Click HERE.
Sandra Sheskin Brotman Ministries
Check out the website of Messianic Jewish Recording Artist and Concert Singer, Sandra Sheskin Brotman.
As You Go Ministries
As Tikkun Emissaries, As You Go Ministries is a witness and testimony of the fruit of G-d's manifest presence through prophecy, "signs and wonders", and deliverance to both the Messianic remnant and larger corporate body of Messiah bringing revival, restoration and mobilization for the fulfillment of G-d's highest purposes in ushering in His kingdom.

As You Go website link