The Curriculum:  Studies leading to Certification as a Biblical
                                  Counselor [CBC]).

   Classes: 12 weeks each

Self Confrontation I:      The Basics of Biblical Change.
Self Confrontation II:     Helping Others to Change Biblically.
Biblical Counseling III:  Introduction to the Biblical Counseling        
Biblical Counseling IV:  Role Playing [Counseling Simulation] and  


Clinical practice in actual counseling sessions
begins as early as the later part of the first course and
includes team counseling and supervised Internships.  
The Internship is the main content of Biblical Counseling IV.


BCI awards Certification in Biblical Counseling (CBC) 
following the completion of the four courses described above
and 50 hours of clinical counseling practice during and/or
following course work.  Practice is in the following categories:
Observer, Assistant, Co-Leader, Lead Counselor, Intake Counselor, 
and/or Supervisor.

Serving Washington, DC; Northern VA; Suburban MD.
Main Phone: 202-397-1444